Wine tasting in the farm „Drubazas”

The family has tended its own grape garden in the farm. Here delicious cherry, raspberry, pumpkin, black currant and grape wines are made.

Guests can participate in homemade wine tasting, feel the breath of the ancient times in the wine cellar, hear the owners’ stories and learn about their experience.

The farm has specialized in implementation of environment protection projects and providing of tourism services.

Here you can visit 2 kilometres long botany trail on your own or with a guide (Latvian, Russian or German) and see various protected plants. Tourists can settle down in camping sites and engage in various sport activities.

Visit: please, book your visit in advance
“Drubazas”, Abavas pagasts, Talsu novads
GPS: 57.030415,22.596610
Phone: +371 28370702 (LV, RU), +371 26342050 (LV, EN, DE)
Facebook: Drubazas