Recreation center “Zviedru cepure” (“Swedish hut”)

Offer of the recreation center

Recreation center Zviedru cepure (Swedish hut) offers variety of entertainment possibilities: toboggan track (307 m long, 5 curves, 40 km/h), kids offroad baggies, walks on nature trails and a cafe.

In summer you can eat in the cafe of the recreation center.

Here you can also overnight, because there are five four-bed cottages with kitchen. There ir a picnic-place, shed with a grill and a party room in summer.

In this recration center there is a house with sauna.

Legend has it that this has been a place of worship. Swedish soldiers created a small hillock in honour of their military commander who was buried here.

Natur trails near Zviedru cepure

Nature trail „Love path” (1,5 km)

The trail of love is close to the recreation center Zviedru cepure. The trail goes through the forest and up the hill, where you can see the beautiful valley of Abava, which is commonly referred to as The Switzerland of Courland.

By strolling through this path you can enjoy the nature, feel the breath of the forest, hear the birds, listen to the purling stream and refresh yourself. You can enjoy this trail alone or with your significant other. There is a picnic place laid out at the top of the hill – a table and some benches.

You can continue your trip downhill. There you can see almost all of the typical Latvian meadow plants; many of them are specially protected plants. The trail was restored in 2013 within the project of Latvian Environmental Protection Fund called “Protection measures of habitats in the trails of former Abava River course”.

The trail of love connects to the local cycle route No. 555 called “Cycle route of the former Abava River course”, which was developed by the Courland planning region. This cycle route also connects to the route of EuroVelo No. 10.

Nature trail „Horse path” (3 km)

The trail goes from Sabile to Zviedru cepure (you can go the opposite way too).

When going from the centre of Sabile the trail starts on the other side of the bridge, where there is a small path on the left. It is possible that you will notice markings on trees and posts – white stripes. At the end of the house area you have to go straight following the well-trodden road parallel to the river.

The road goes past the Egypt of Sabile – a popular recreational place for the locals. After the Russian Cemetery there is a meadow with a small beaten path. You do not have to go along the river, because Abava meanders and the banks are impossible to walk on. You just have to go straight until you reach Zviedru cepure.

A long time ago neighbours went to each other by horses and also used the horses to carry the hay from the meadows. That is how this trail formed; however, the mightiness of this trail is long gone.

Contact information of the recreation center

Address: “Piltiņi”, Matkules pagasts, Kandavas novads
GPS: 57.0244693,22.5925655
Phone: +371 26405405; +371 29116362