Jeweller’s Studio

Certified jeweller Harijs Jaunzems takes interest in ancient Iron Age jewellery and tries to create similar jewellery by studying the materials of archaeological findings and history as well as culture publications for many years now. He also pours and forges our sacred signs in bronze.

To eliminate the bad and enforce the good, Latvian used to decorate the surroundings with sacred signs – weaved, carved and inscribed these signs into jewellery. The jewellery made by Harijs Jaunzems helps to understand our culture and history, national sensation and reasoning.

This jewellery has made Sabile famous: it can be found not only in Latvia but also in other European countries, Russia, USA and Japan.

The visitors of jeweller’s Studio can learn things about the job specification and technology of the jeweller, ancient jewellery, wearing traditions and also different meanings of sacred signs.

All this is especially interesting for teenagers and students, because Latvian signs and symbols as well as other cultural values tell the story of our nation’s history, content and greatness.

Length of visit: approximately one hour, by appointment
Address: Ventspils iela 20, Sabile, Talsu novads
GPS: 57.049668,22.569123
Phone: +371  29995605
Facebook: Latvju rotas un zīmes