Flights on paragliders

If you love adventurism and romance, want to experience something extreme and see the former Abava River course from bird’s eye, then this adventure is perfect for you! Discover unprecedented emotions and see the beautiful landscapes of Sabile from above.

The flights usually take place around Sabile and depend on the direction of the wind.

How does it happen?

The carrying capacity of tandem paraglider is sufficient to lift up the pilot as well as the participant of the flight. It is also allowed for the children who are at least 6 years old with the permission of the parents. The length and height of the flight is determined by the weather. One flight costs 35 euros. The clothing has to be comfortable and with long sleeves, the shoes must be tightly laced and we advise bringing gloves.

The use of alcohol and other intoxicating substances before flight is not forbidden. You can it is take pictures or capture videos during the flight.

Phone: +371 29476236 (Ieva)