Family winery “Abavas”

The family winery named ”Abavas” is located in the centre of Ancient Abava Valley, not far from Sabile. This company was created and developed by Martins and Liene Barkani and it produces high-quality beverages from fruits and berries grown in Latvia.

In 2010 the family formed a new grape garden. Apart from the grapes they grow black currants, raspberries, strawberries, rhubarbs and elders.

In the summer the owners offer tours and wine tastings in their family property. The guests can see one of the biggest grape gardens in Latvia here. Also, in a barn made from Abava Valley limestones, the guests can taste ABAVA drinks, enjoy the wonderful Abava Valley view and learn more about owners’ experience in grape growing and wine brewing.

Visiting time: April – October
Visit: please book your visit in advance
Address: „Rinkules Zeltiņi”, Abavas pagasts, Talsu novads
GPS: 57.028543,22.608476
Phone: +371 29553558 (Mārtiņš), +371 29125518 (Liene)