Art Garden “In the middle of nowhere” (“Nekurienes vidū”)

There is an art garden with an odd name ”In the middle of nowhere” near Sabile, in Abava Parish farm ”Vijolites”.

The artist Arturs Rinkis with his wife Inara manages the farm. The foundation of this garden was laid in 1996. The house ”Vijolites” was the most suitable, because of the nature and silence as well as the possibility to expand and work creatively.

The owners offer guests to see various kinetic art objects. This is the only place in Latvia offering this kind of art. In the audio-visual hall you can relax by listening to the music and at the same time enjoy the movement of colours which synchronises with the music.

The meditation field as well as other objects of the Art Garden will spark off unforgettable and astonishing feelings for anybody. At the end of the visit the guests can go on tour in a steampunk-style Enigma car. This place is particularly interesting, because the visits of the garden ”In the middle of nowhere” are possible only during the dark hours.

Working hours: July 20 to October, during night-time
Visit: please, book your visit in advance
Address: “Vijolītes”, Abavas pagasts, Talsu novads
GPS: 57.078290, 22.510198
Phone: +371 29406191